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Do you have an ambassador/influencer program?

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How do I cook your patties?

Are your products fully cooked?

Do you use cauliflower powder in your pizza crust?

Are your products made at a nut free facility?

Do your products contain peanuts or tree nuts?

Do your products contain MSG?

Do your products contain artificial preservatives or artificial colours?

Do your products contain added sugar?

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How can I get Wholly Veggie products at my favorite store?

Where can I find Wholly Veggie products?

Are all of your products non-GMO?

Do your products contain soy?

Are your products gluten free?

David and John started Wholly Veggie with a very simple mission: how can we help create a more sustainable food system? We help democratize access to healthy foods, made from plants. Nothing we do is made from a lab, or synthesized from a protein. Just great quality vegetables, simple seasonings and chef inspired recipes.