• Donate-A-Meal
  • Donate-A-Meal

Donate a meal to someone in need! In addition to the donations we already make as a Good Food Builder Partner, we're excited to give an opportunity to our Veggie-Fam to donate with us! 

For every meal you donate, we'll match it with another meal to Community Food Centres Canada. 

Your meal donation will go to Harmony Community Food Centre (CFC), one of 13 Community Food Centres supported by CFCC. Harmony CFC is a welcoming place in Toronto where people come together to grow, cook, share and advocate for good food. Their programs support local families and individuals by increasing access to healthy food, skill-building, knowledge sharing, and providing leadership and advocacy opportunities.

Shipping will not be charged for this item, all donations are sent directly to Community Food Centres Canada. You can donate as many meals as you would like! 

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee