Things look a little greener,
with more veggies on our plates.

Every vegetable has a story

Wholly Veggie! was built on the belief that the world would be better off with more veggies at our tables. Not potato chips, hickory sticks or frosted flaky tips. Real veggies. The kind your grandma used to pull out of the ground when you were a wee child. This has been our goal since our founders first got together, and what still drives us to this day.

Eating your veggies shouldn’t
be so difficult

Let’s face it. Everyone has seen a wilted carrot in their fridge. The truth is, eating veggies all the time is hard. That’s why we’ve worked to develop veggie products that offer convenience without sacrificing on the quality. No soy, gluten, dairy, GMOs’s, or added sugar can be found in products. We like to take the work out of the kitchen so your meal can include a nice Wholly Veggie! addition. Plus, you never have to see that wilted carrot again. Hooray!

The wholly difference




We promise to give you veg, the wholly veg, and nothing but the veg – plus a pinch of seasoning here and there. (What can we say, we love a good pinch!) And we promise to only use simple, delicious ingredients that are easy to pronounce.

Our Founders

Attached at the hip since they first met each other in Toronto in 2013, David and John have always wanted to be entrepreneurs. They’ve worked together, travelled together, packed each others suitcases incorrectly, and have plotted the best Tim Horton’s wifi locations across Ontario together. They’ve built Wholly Veggie! to reflect their values: patience over short cuts, leave the planet a better place than you arrived, and a focus on craft.

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